Current Research Topics
  1. Multiscale computational modeling of advanced multifunctional materials and structural systems.
  2. Micro and nano mechanics of nanostructured and nanocomposite materials
  3. Microstructural computational modeling of sustainable and smart infrastructural materials
  4. Nano-materials for energy harvesting, conversion, and storage
  5. Designing self-sensing, self-healing, and/or self-heating/cooling, yet strong and tough, smart materials for sustainable structural systems
  6. Continuum damage mechanics
  7. Advanced high strength steels
  8. Fiber/particle reinforced composites
  9. Constitutive modeling based on laws of thermodynamics
Research Interests

The main focus of Professor Abu Al-Rub's research is on the development of multiscale computational techniques, constitutive modeling, along with theoretical and experimental analysis, to achieve a fundamental understanding of the underlying microscopic deformation mechanisms of various types of materials and structural systems.

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